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We are designers, artists and strategists working with some of the nation’s most accomplished
trial lawyers. 


Every case hinges on your audience's ability to

understand complex concepts and apply those ideas to the information presented. We use creativity combined with a total command of the language of visual design to highlight the information that most clearly supports your position.



  • Litigation graphics consulting 

  • On-site trial support 

  • PowerPoint presentation design 

  • Forensic analysis of visual evidence 

  • Animations 

  • Customized maps 

  • Trial boards, including interactive/magnetic boards

  • Graphics for expert reports 
    and pleadings

  • Scale models 

  • Site photography and video 

  • Photo and document enhancement 

Areas of Practice​

  • Patent litigation 

  • Trademark and copyright litigation

  • Product Liability 

  • Insurance/Co-Insurance 

  • Oil & Gas / Energy 

  • International Policy 

  • Criminal Law (Defense and Prosecution)

  • International Arbitration 

  • Securities and Exchange / Fraud 

  • Patent drawings / patent prosecution


  • 38 Federal Court Districts across the U.S. (and counting), including dozens of patent cases tried in Texas, Delaware, Washington, and California 

  • US Arbitration centers 
    (AAA, JAMS) 

  • International Arbitration 
    (ICC, Paris, France and
    New York, New York, USA)

  • State Courts in over 
    20 States

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